Transportation and Logistics

Tachyon International Inc. can assist large and small corporations with planning, managing and coordinate the movement of goods throughout the world.

TII focuses on managing inbound and outbound transportation, and logistics network on a global scale; through services that includes:

-Transportation and logistics procurement and management.

-Freight Services

-Global Trade Resources

-Global Transportation

-Project Cargo

-Project Logistics

-Supply Chain

-Supply Chain Consulting

-Temperature Controlled

-Improvement in rate/contract compliance.

-Transportation solution design & implementation.

-Logistic and Transportation Planning & Execution.

-Total transportation freight cost analysis.

-Manage all transportation modes.

Products and Services!

Our process answers two basic questions required to effectively reach best in class cost:

-What are the key attributes of your supply chain that matter?

-What are the appropriate contract economics for your business down to the net unit cost? For enterprise contracts, this includes contract structure, terms, and conditions.

Tachyon International Inc. uses a three phase approach to achieve comprehensive cost reduction for our customers:

1. Profile your systems key metric and distribution characteristics. Evaluate the implications on the cost and service of the carriers networks you feel are viable vendor options.
2. Design a contract structure, terms/conditions, and rates to achieve the optimal net unit cost of distribution.
3.  Evalute and document the requirements for information management across: account payables, general ledger, account receivables, audit and bill pay.  If you have a current audit program in place, it is likely you are paying too much.

We guarantee our result to be predictable, measureable, and repeatable by building defined ROI into each one of our projects.