Seasoned at developing Financial Models that includes investment costs, operating costs, revenues, financial analysis, market analysis and profitability analysis , TII can develop a Commercial Strategy for our clients, including recommending financing terms that the client should seek.
Our Financial Models are flexible (allowing a clear and easy modification of key operating and financial assumptions) and enable the assessment of different scenarios –positive and negative—which can impact our Client’s success and profitability.
Calculation of profitability, return on investment, and internal rate of return, under different scenarios, including: different capital structures, alternative methods of depreciation, varying plant/infrastructure performance, construction cost overruns, different interest rates, and others.
Tachyon International Incorporated provides financial advisory services on policy legal and regulatory issues as well as organization structure, development of risk management systems, and post-implementation assistance. In its efforts to develop capital markets, TII works closely with officials of ministries, regulatory agencies, securities markets, banks, brokerage firms, and various multilateral and international institutions.

Our team has worked extensively in the following areas:

  • Financial Modeling
  • Project Development Costs
  • Commercial Strategy Reports
  • Risk Management