Maintenance Management

Tachyon offers our current and future customer base to benefit from a truly comprehensive service offer of a single point management option for their maintenance and engineering division within their operations. Our system allows the sharing of accurate, near real time data between organizations, leading to enhanced productivity and decision making.


Tachyon International Incorporated, can include all or part of the following Services:

  • Maintenance Planning
  • Engineering Support
  • Establishing and managing Maintenance Control;
  • Tachyon can provide Maintenance Control technical support to airlines via remote site offices.
  • Maintenance Control will be the first point of contact in coordinating all activities with respect to aircraft maintenance operation
  • ¬†Establishing and maintaining reliability reporting and analysis
  • Aircraft Maintenance Services & Modifications which may include the following
  • ¬†Aircraft rep in maintenance site
  • Aircraft flight-log book analysis
  • Aircraft Inspection as per the maintenance and modification program specified in the work package
  • Aircraft tests as required by the work package
  • Scheduling engine runs
  • Preparation for ferry flight including daily and weekly checks
  • Required Inspection Item (RII) specifying personnel training, and reporting procedures
  • Fuel leaks mapping and repair
  • Scheduling engine and/or APU boro-scope inspections by outside vendor
  • Scheduling engine. APU, or landing gear removal and installation
  • Scheduling aircraft weighs
  • Aircraft modifications review and scheduling
  • Managing storage, deactivations, re-activation, and dis-assembly of aircraft if necessary