Technical Acceptance

The technical acceptance of any aircraft is extremely important. The foundation of a good technical acceptance starts with a quality review of the documents and a physical assessment on the aircraft or asset itself.


Whenever a technical acceptance is accomplished by Tachyon, you can be certain that as a customer, you will have a good understanding of the overall status on your potential investment.

Tachyon will not only ensure the technical data is correct for the commercial airframe, landing gear, engines, and APU, but will also ensure regulatory requirements (as necessary) are met for:

  • Seat fire blocking
  • Lavatory fire protection
  • Portable breathing equipment
  • Digital flight data recorder (DFDR)
  • Traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS)
  • Wind-shear detection
  • Emergency exit proximity lighting
  • Baggage compartment fire detection
  • Stage 3 noise status
  • Phase 2 flight deck door etc.