Airline Consulting

No matter what your needs are, whether it is airline start-up consulting or airline re-structuring, Tachyon can help your organization.

All start ups must secure key funding, receive various federal, local, and/or foreign regulatory approvals, organize a management team, and commence hiring well before the first flight is made. Tachyon can assist you in all aspects of start-up.

  • Tachyon International Inc. can assist with airline manual development for certification.
  • Through our network we can identify aircraft that meet your target specifications.
  • We can assist with aircraft trade situations, international lease and purchases.
  • Tachyon will negotiate on your organizations behalf on all contracts and agreements to satisfactorily get the best rates.
  • We will arrange table top practice sessions and table top exercise with the FAA or appropriate authority.
  • Tachyon will provide the best recommendations for your organization in regards to IT solutions.
  • Tachyon also offers “Total Support Packages” for your airline. Visit our Total Support Package tab on our web-site.