MRO Consulting

It is ultimately cost effective to our customers when there is a summation of information, labor, operations, inventory, supply chain and other skills integrated into a single whole source for our customers.

Tachyon has extensive experience in dealing with MRO’s and an executive team who has good experience in targeting daily efficiency rates to obtain the maximum hourly conversion possible which is extremely beneficial for both the MRO and the MRO’s customer.

In today’s environment there are many MRO’s both fragmented and specialized. No matter what your facility is used for, Tachyon can help you achieve new efficiencies with very little inherent risk.

To achieve any type of success in the future, MRO businesses will greatly depend on the FAA’s ability to control and regulate this side of aviation. The Tachyon’s executive team has an overwhelmingly amount of experience in dealing with the FAA and other foreign government authorities in establishing or re-structuring MRO’s and airlines. This is where Tachyon can assist you with the development or re-structuring of your facility.