Training Needs

Needs Assessment

Tachyon will optimize the benefits to your employees while saving on your organization’s bottom line. A training Needs Assessment can help your company identify what technical or educational training your management and technical team will need to improve their skills and work productivity, all while complying with regulatory requirements.

Tachyon will determine for your organization:

  • If training will make a difference in productivity and the bottom line.
  • What specific training each employee needs and what will improve their job performance.
  • Determine the difference between the need for training and other related or non-related organizational issues.
  • Meet or exceed ATA 104 standards of training.

A brief history on a company’s past and where they are headed can reveal valuable training objectives. A comparison should be made of what employees are currently doing and what will be expected of them as the company continues to grow and change.


Air Carrier’s and MRO’s alike from all over the world are looking for more economical solution to providing its employees with required training.